Recognizing the Dangers of Household Mold

Nobody likes mold. It is gross looking, fuzzy and slimy, comes in all kinds of weird colors and is a sure indication that something is no good to eat or touch.

What many dont realize is that exposure to household mold is dangerous.

Every year exposure to household mold is responsible for hundreds of respiratory infections, asthma attacks and allergic reactions.

You can protect yourself, your family and everyone who visits your home!

Mold Removal!

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Our team of experts will arrive quickly to test your home for mold!

We can then focus on mold remediation addressing all damages and sources and then removing the threat of toxic mold in your home!

Mold Thrives in Damp Environments


Common Causes of Household Mold:

-Flooding from extreme weather events, burst pipes, etc.-

-Leaks in walls / roofs resulting in routine weather exposure-

-Leaking pipes and valves-

-Humidity, particularly in the bathroom-

-Dampness in crawl spaces, basements, etc-

-Spills not thoroughly cleaned-

-Overflow and splashing from sinks, toilets and bath /shower-

-Wet washcloths and other cloth items left to sit-


-Poor ventilation of certain appliances-


Some of these things can be avoided Others cannot.

A type of mold which can be caused by any of these scenarios is

Black Mold / Stachybotrys Chartarum

Black Mold is Toxic Mold!

It must be taken seriously because it is toxic to your health.

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Services We Perform

Mold Removal, Mold Testing, Mold Inspection, Mold Cleanup, Mold Abatement, Air Quality Testing, Mold Remediation

For Professional Mold Inspection, Testing and Remediation

Before household mold harms you or someone else!

Even visitors to your home are at risk of having a reaction to toxic mold.


Before the problem becomes more hazardous and expensive!

Symptoms of Toxic Mold Exposure

-Irritation of sinuses, throat and / or eyes-

-Skin rashes-

-Moderate to severe headaches-

-Coughing and respiratory distress-

Who is at Highest Risk?

-Young Children-

-Pregnant Women-

-People with Compromised Immune Systems-

-People Undergoing Certain Treatments for Other Illnesses-

-People with Respiratory Ailments-

Protect those you care about by having your home tested for mold if you suspect a problem and immediately remediated if you do in fact have mold in your home!

It is important to act fast!

Mold damages your home more and more the longer you wait to

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We can test your home for mold, do a thorough inspection and then remediate the damages, completely eliminated the dangerous mold.

Not Sure if You Have a Mold Problem?

-Is there a musty odor in your home?-

-Are there very damp and humid areas in your home?-

-Can you see discolored, slimy or fuzzy patches on surfaces?-

Call 888-290-7170 NOW!

Surfaces to Check:

-Shower Curtains / Stalls / Tiles-

-Window Frames / Moldings-

-Refrigerator / Freezer Seals-

-Air Conditioner / Humidifier Surfaces / Nearby Surfaces-

-Flooring around Toilet / Sinks / Tubs-

-Underneath Carpet / In Cabinets / Behind Wallpaper

If you SEE or SMELL mold in your home…

Call 888-290-7170 ASAP

-Expert Mold Inspection Services-

-Professional Mold Testing Procedures-

-Thorough Mold Remediation Initiatives-

-Preventing Further Damage and Exposure to Mold-

Call Now for Best Results & Least Expense!

Eliminate Health Hazards Before Serious Illness Occurs!

We noticed a somewhat musty smell in our bathroom from the moment we moved in, but we never made the connection between that smell and our sons allergies until we replaced the flooring and discovered a tremendous amount of black mold. We had no way of knowing this, but apparently whoever lived in the house before us had some sort of water damage that was never completely addressed. We called 888-290-7170 to take care of the problem right away. They were there fast and by the time they were finished, the mold was gone and the musty smell was gone, too. What surprised us the most was that our sons allergies clearly improved in the weeks following the clean up, to the point where he didnt even need the medication anymore. We knew for certain then that the mold had been affecting him the whole time. We also realized that our hidden mold problem was the cause of a serious asthma attack that a friend had at our house in the past. If wed known how dangerous that smell was, we would have called much sooner. Hannah L.

Call Now to Protect Your Home and Family!


Mold Testing and Mold Removal From Your Home and Business

The Advantages of Mold Testing and Mold Removal Services

Mold colonies in the home can create a significant health hazard to every member of the family. Some mold species, including black mold, can affect the respiratory system of children and adults and lead to substantial breathing issues, especially if the individual is allergic. Children tend to be highly susceptible to developing breathing issues when exposed to even the smallest colony of mold in the home.

Dangerous mold can reproduce in dark and damp places in the home, and spread throughout the house when the spores become airborne. Because of that, mold testing is essential to ensure that the household is free from any active mold colony that is often challenging to detect. In fact, many homeowners are unaware that mold is in the house, because it often grows behind walls, under flooring, in the attic, in the basement, or other areas that are not seen or visited often.

Hiring an experienced mold removal company is essential to ensure that the job is done correctly and safely. In fact, the team will have all the necessary gear and equipment to maintain their safety during the process. The technicians use specialized equipment to minimize the potential of disturbing the mold while it is being removed. Shaking or disturbing the mold can make the colony create an airborne nightmare, as the contaminant floats to other areas of the house.

In addition, an experienced team will use industrial grade chemicals as a way to treat the mold, to ensure that any future colony cannot grow. They will often fix any source of water that might be causing mold growth, and seal any affected area to minimize the potential of future mold contamination. Next, they will disinfect and dry all moldy services and construct a thorough inspection to fully assess any dangers of existing colonies of mold.

Typically, the trained technicians have been certified by the IICRC, with training in applied microbial remediation. This means that the team will use proper tools and procedures, along with professional grade equipment to maximize the results of the delicate process.

To maintain the safety of everyone in the household, it is essential that the skilled technicians work in the contaminant area using proper methods to protect the dwelling and every occupant. Mold removal companies typically work with homeowners, industrial hygienist and insurance adjusters to provide the optimal mold remediation services. This will guarantee the home is restored to a healthy living environment.

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